Puppies are here!!  Luke & Ursa Puppies Born July 2, 2013
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Born July 2, 2013

Ursa & Luke Puppies

It's a hard job....but somebody's gotta do it!

Heather, Luke, and Ursa

Heather, Luke, and Ursa.

Our family has been involved with the Australian Shepherd breed since the early 70's. My dad's first Aussie was a little red bi named Rice's Lil Bit Honey, aka "Bunny". Bunny was out of the Silvertone and Las Rocosas lines and registered through the NSDR. Bunny was one of the best stock dogs ever. My brother, 2 sisters and I all kept puppies out of Bunny. Mine and Dad's dogs were used extensively to work cattle and horses. I only bred a few litters back then because we only kept a couple females and used outside males to breed them when there was a demand for our puppies. Unfortunately we no longer have any of Bunny's lines. Bunny was very small, around 17-18" tall, what we now refer to as a "Mini".

In the spring of 1991 I bought a male Phantom merle Australian Shepherd puppy who was NSDR registered as a blue eyed Black tri named Foster's Muchacho Bonito, aka "CHACHI". Chachi was my constant companion for nearly 17 years. He worked Charolais and Angus cattle fearlessly. He guarded the property and loved to play frisbee with the kids. He also loved to take a dip in the pond on hot days so much that I bought him his own wading pool to keep at the house so he didn't get pond scum all over him. YUK! He was the best dog I ever owned to help me start my cutting horses on cattle in the round pen. His natural herding instincts were so honed I knew he could read my mind. I only used him for breeding a couple times and was so sorry I never kept a puppy out of him.

After Chachi passed away the ranch was without an Aussie for a few years when my daughter, Heather, went to a horse show and came home with the cutest little Black tri furball she named "MS URSA Minor". She said, "Mom, a ranch just isn't a ranch without an Aussie". She was right, but Heather moved away to Columbus, OH for a few years and took Ursa with her so the ranch was without an Aussie again. 

Meanwhile I had been showing my Miniature Schnauzers at some of the IABCA shows and kept seeing these little Aussies that were about Bunny's size. I decided that is what I wanted, a miniature Australian Shepherd. I needed a smaller version of my old boy, Chachi, who weighed 65 pounds. The last few months of his life I spend lifting him up to get on his feet to go outside to potty. Since I have 2 bone grafts, and 2 steel plates in my back it was killing me to lift him. My older sister, Rita, who lives in Columbus, OH had a similar problem lifting her old Aussie, Bear, up before he passed away. I told Rita about the Mini Aussies so she bought a little red tri named "Dakota".

So for the next few years I kept an eye out for just the right little mini Aussie. In June 2009, after coming back from a dog show at Purina Farms, my friend Laura asked me to go evaluate her neighbor's litter of Mini Aussie puppies before I started back home. Well, the "just right" pup found me! He was the pick of the litter, went out to bring the horses into the barn with the adult dogs, and stuck to me like velcro when he got back. So I ended up bring home my first mini Aussie, "Raisin", aka Rice's Raisin The Bar, a beautiful blue merle male.

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